What Virtual Assistants Can Do For You! Part 2

It’s amazing for me to think about how just two years ago very few people knew what a virtual assistant (VA) was, much less think about hiring one. Now it is starting to be a very common avenue for solo professionals and small businesses to get support and help from VA’s with running their businesses.

Businesses hire virtual assistants to do a variety of tasks that help make their business run smoother. There are so many hats to be juggled that eventually one or more hats get dropped. 😬 In part 2 of this series on what virtual assistants can do for you, we will take a look at several ways that virtual assistants (that includes us) can help with the hat juggling act.

Three more ways VA’s can support your business:

1. CRM Management: I’m sure that you are aware that your email list is a goldmine for your business. Maybe you collected leads from an online marketing ad or you went to a networking event and received physical/digital business cards. To be able to keep up with all these leads and your current clients it would be wise to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.

You also may have leads and clients scattered on different platforms. For instance a list of contacts in your email account, a list in your accounting software, a list in your email marketing program, and so on. It is important to have a master list of all your leads and clients in a CSV format and keep it up to date. 

Your VA or future VA 😉 can create a master list, update the master list, and upload the list to any CRM platform that is right for your business.

2. Newsletters: I consider newsletters to be the “Secret Sauce” for businesses. Newsletters keep your businesses in the mind of your clients and leads. Newsletters can be full of useful information about your business, announcements for upcoming events, marketing new products and/or services, and much more. Be sure to add a personal touch so that your audience can get to know a little bit about you.

Creating templates in your email marketing platform is necessary for saving time and having consistent branding. Not only for newsletters, but also for any drip campaigns, or other types of marketing.  A VA can create templates for your newsletter, and add the content information each time you want to send out a newsletter. Let’s not forget that all the information you put in your newsletter can be used in other aspects of your business such as social media posts and blog posts.


3. Billing & Invoicing: Are your invoices getting paid? Are you behind in billing for your services? It can be challenging to stay on top of sending invoices to your clients/customers and making sure that all past-due invoices are paid. Most accounting software has automation built-in for creating invoices and even sending reminders. However, creating invoices with say different hourly rates and varying hours each month is hard to automate.

For our clients, there are two different ways that we bill. One way is by retainer (Debit Card System) which can be automated because it is the same price every time and it is a set number of hours. The other way is packages + hourly which can’t be automated because of the varying hours over the package rate. 

Keeping up with billing certain hours and jobs on your invoicing can become overwhelming and take you away from your core business. 

Remember that there are so many ways that you can delegate tasks to a VA. If there is any area in your business that is difficult to keep up with or falls behind day after day you may want to consider hiring a VA or delegating more tasks to your VA. Next month we will write about little add-on tasks that can be delegated to VA’s that you may not have thought about in part 3 of “What Virtual Assistants Can Do For You!”.

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