What Virtual Assistants Can Do For You! Part 3

It’s amazing for me to think about how just two years ago very few people knew what a virtual assistant (VA) was, much less think about hiring one. Now it is starting to be a very common avenue for solo professionals and small businesses to get support and help from VA’s with running their businesses.

Businesses hire virtual assistants to do a variety of tasks that help make their business run smoother. There are so many hats to be juggled¬†that eventually one or more hats get dropped. ūüė¨ In part 3¬†of this series on what virtual assistants can do for you, we will take a look at three¬†more ways¬†virtual assistants (that includes us) can help with the hat juggling act.

Three more ways VA’s can support your business:

1. Website Updating:¬†Websites have become the new “Business Card”. Of course, it is more detailed with information about you and your business. In time that information can become outdated. Services you offer may change, pictures/graphics are needing to be replaced, maybe you have rebranded your colors and logo, etc…

Having a VA be able to go in and refresh your service page, pictures/graphics, or branding will keep your website fresh and up-to-date. You can feel confident that your “Business Card” is up-to-date and ready for potential clients and organic traffic.¬†

2. Social Media Management:¬†When you stop and think about all the social media platforms on the internet right now it is overwhelming! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and that is just to name a few. If you aren’t on at least one of these platforms your business is missing out on people getting to know you and your business. However,¬†it can be hard and even intimidating to think about¬†keeping up with posting regularly,¬†responding to comments, and private messaging potential clients.

Don’t despair a VA¬†can take this task off your plate by finding content to post with pictures, liking and replying to comments, and even answer private messages¬†from customers or leads who might have questions about your products or services.¬†

3. Other Tasks:¬†There are so many different tasks that VA’s can help with that I could write five more newsletters. So instead I will just put a small list here so next month I can write about other helpful business topics.¬†

  • Set up software and train on how to use it
  • Create PowerPoint slide templates
  • Format and upload Blog post
  • Website review and critique for improvements
  • Set up recurring payment transactions
  • Set up sales pages and/or landing pages for products and services
  • Research for software solutions, latest technology, etc…

This is just a small list, but there are so many other tasks that can be delegated especially if you don’t like doing them or don’t know how. If there is any area in your business that is difficult to keep up with or falls behind day after day you may want to consider hiring a VA or delegating more tasks to your VA.¬†

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