What Virtual Assistants Can Do For You! Part 1

It’s amazing for me to think about how just two years ago very few people knew what a virtual assistant (VA) was, much less think about hiring one. Now it is starting to be a very common avenue for solo professionals and small businesses to get support and help from VA’s with running their businesses.

Businesses hire virtual assistants to do a variety of tasks that help make their business run smoother. There are so many hats to be juggled that eventually one or more hats get dropped. 😬 In part 1 of this series on what virtual assistants can do for you, we will take a look at several ways that virtual assistants (that includes us) can help with the hat juggling act.

Here are three different ways VA’s can support your business:

1. Email Management: How many times a day do you think “oh I’ll just check my email real quick” and 30 or 40 minutes are gone!

If you are anything like I was you check your email with every intention of looking at the important emails from clients. Inevitably what ended up happening was my eye would catch the email about that sweater I purchased, or the newest article on herbs and essential oils. Needless to say, I wasted time that I could have been doing something way more productive.

Email management is amazing for keeping you focused when you do check your emails. Having an organized inbox that has labels/folders and created filters so that emails are told where to go is a time saver. When our clients go into their email inbox important/urgent emails get their attention first, then the non-urgent emails can be read later. 

2. Calendar Scheduling: Have you ever double booked a meeting or Zoom call? Maybe you didn’t show up to an appointment because you forgot to schedule it on your calendar.

Scheduling meetings, conference calls, or appointments can get hairy. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’ve double-booked your schedule till it’s too late. A VA can set up a scheduling software program that will help with booking appointments and meetings. VA’s can also call or email confirmation on appointments and reschedule them if needed.

3. Personal Assistant: Did you forget to get a gift for your friend’s birthday party? Did you at least send a card?

VA’s can assist you in your personal tasks as well as your business tasks. Do you need groceries? Send the list to your VA and that is marked off your to-do list. Need to get a gift or send flowers to a loved one? Send your VA the details and voila it’s taken care of. Planning a vacation or weekend getaway? Well, you get the picture. 

Remember that there are so many ways that you can delegate tasks to a VA. If there is any area in your business that is difficult to keep up with or falls behind day after day you may want to consider hiring a VA or delegating more tasks to your VA.

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