Meet J&J

Tania started Jamieson and Jamieson in 2019. She has owned her own businesses for most of her life and previously worked as a private home manager for over 10 years. After growing J&J for several years, Tania decided it was time to onboard her daughter, Tyra. Together they have grown the company further and continue to grow every day. Their main goal is to support other small business owners so that together they can grow their community and help busy professionals live happier lives. Saving others time, money and headaches is what they do!

Tania Allen Virtual Assistant

Tania Allen

CEO, Virtual Assistant

Hey there, My name is Tania. Nice to virtually meet you! Four years ago I started looking for a way that I could make money and help others from home. I wanted to be able to contribute to my family and also be able to spend time making memories. So I researched different things and ways to make money from home that would also, help others. During my research I found a course for Virtual Assistants that caught my attention. With that course I was able to gain skills needed to help/support solo professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses.

Virtual Assistant Tyra Goes

Tyra Goen

Virtual Assistant

Hi! My name is Tyra, I am so excited you're here! After spending nearly ten years in retail management, I was ready for a change. I wanted to spend more time with my family and I wanted a career that I truly love. My mom (Tania) offered me a position with J&J in 2022 and I couldn't have been more excited for the opportunity. With her help, and several virtual assistant courses, I have grown, and continue to grow, in the business every day. My skills help support solo professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses.