How To Use Spreadsheets In Your Business

Spreadsheets, in my opinion, are a business tool must. They are an invaluable tool to predict a financial outcome or stay on top of a business’s inventory. There are many ways to use these gems(yes, we know we are nerds😜). We will give a few examples, but let your business mind get creative, and you could come up with a lot more uses.

Spreadsheets can be as simple as creating a leads list or as complicated as creating extensive financial data graphs. They are typically meant to store data sets and are useful in business management and organization. 

Leads List: Every business owner knows (or should know) that their email list is GOLD. A spreadsheet can be created with the lead’s name, email address, phone number, and much more. The sheet can then be saved as a CSV file and imported into any software medium your business uses. Examples: MailChimp, Constant Contact, Clickfunnels, Quickbooks, etc.

Creating multiple sheets within the main sheet allows for better organization, like labeling the sheet by the date you went to that networking event.

Business Accounts and Budgeting: It isn’t easy to come up with a budget without a spreadsheet. You can create tables and lists with all the data from most important to not so important. It will let you see if you are spending too much in one area of your business and not enough in some areas. This helps with planning so you can be successful with those goals you set in January.

Also, your accountant will love you for having a spreadsheet with all of your business accounts and budget as it assists them with managing said accounts.

Quotes and Invoices: If you happen to be in the business of sales, a quote and invoice spreadsheet can make you and your employee’s life easier. Let’s say your employees go to a job site where work is performed and/or products are sold or both. Having a way to automatically add hourly wage and products to a quote or invoice and then send it to the customer and the home office is an incredible time-saver. Once the home office receives the quote or invoice, it can be imported to the company master spreadsheet and bookkeeping software. 

There are so many ways that spreadsheets can help with your business. A few more ways are:

  • Payroll
  • Predictions/Simulations
  • Statistical analysis and reports
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Blog organization

Hope we didn’t get too nerdy. We just really like how spreadsheets have helped in our VA business and want them to help you in your business.

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