Filing Services

Filing Services

Do you find yourself constantly having to file your digital documents? Or do you just skip the filing all together and hope you can find what you need when you need it? Why not let us help you get organized and save time with our digital filing services! 

However you receive and file your documents we can help by assisting with your existing process, or creating something new that works for you and your business.


We offer Clean up, going paperless set up, and Maintenance on existing programs.

Not sure what package is right for you? Book a free consult and we can help you decide.

Going Paperless

& Clean up

$ 450 Starting Price
  • Are you looking to go paperless and reduce your office clutter? We can turn your documents into digital files that are organized and easy to find.
  • This package is also perfect if you are already paperless but don't have things exactly where you need them. In other words you need some order to your chaos.

Existing Systems


$ 325 Monthly
  • If you already have an existing system that is organized but you are looking to free up your time, then this is the package for you.
  • We can ensure that your documents are filed where they need to be and are always up to date so you always have what you need at your fingertips.
  • This package pairs well with our "going paperless package" if you are needing organization before getting ongoing support.

Filing add on

Filing + Email

$ 150 Monthly
  • This package is for our clients who are signed up with our email management Services and looking to receive filing services as well.
  • With this Add on service you can get all the benefits of our filing services added directly to your email management services. Get organized in every way.

The amount of time you will save by outsourcing your digital filing is life changing. Business owners don’t need to be burdened with administrative tasks. Let J&J keep you organized and worry free.

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