Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

You may be wondering what benefits can come From hiring a virtual Assistant, after all you have been doing everything by yourself up to this point, or you could just hire an in house employee to take care of your administrative tasks. However, growing companies need change in order to keep going up and hiring in house isn’t always an option.

Virtual assistants come with tons of benefits for YOU that you won’t get any other way. VA’s can be a valuable asset to your company and completely change your life for the better. Below we have listed our top six benefits we have personally seen happening for our clients.

Save Time

As a small business owner you have your hands full, not only do you have to worry about the big tasks, you have to worry about the details and smaller time consuming things.

Delegating and outsourcing what you can will give you more time to spend on the big things and more free time overall. You don't have to spread yourself thin focusing on every detail when you hire a professional Virtual Assistant.

Save money

Hiring a in-person assistant is costly, you likely will need to supply them with equipment, a salary, benefits, insurance, PTO and more. You will also have to spend time and money training them in your programs. 

Virtual Assistants on the other hand are independent contractors, They come with the skills needed for the job and are most likely already trained in what you are needing. You only pay for the services provided and they are a tax write off! 

Improved work Life Balance

When you outsource smaller tasks to a virtual Assistant, you can stop micromanaging every aspect of your business. Not having to manage every detail means you get more free time to spend outside of work doing things you love. 

studies show that when you have good work life balance your mental and physical health will improve overall. Virtual Assistants can give that to you daily.

Increased Productivity

When a virtual Assistant is saving you time day-to-day, you will have time to focus on core tasks like developing new products, marketing and growing your customer base.

Learning new tasks takes up time and by hiring a virtual assistant that is already skilled in that task, you can simply not worry about decreased productivity while training yourself.


Virtual Assistants work on a project-by-project basis, schedules are flexible and VAs are able to adjust to changing business needs quickly. This flexibility is perfect for businesses who fluctuacte in workload (having high and low points.) 

J&J Virtual Assistants, like most, understand changing needs and know that you may not need us every month, but we are here when you do need us and we are ready to help you.

Job satisfaction

If you are a business owner that already has in house assistants, you should check in with them and see if they are feeling overwhelmed in their work. Outsourcing just a few tasks to a virtual assistant that your already established assistant has been taking care of can reduce their stress and lead to a happier work environment for everyone. 

"Tania brings sanity to my chaotic world. She helps prevent things from slipping between the cracks. A guardian angel for solopreneurs. Thanks, Tania!!"

Chuck Mooney -

Chuck the credit card guy