10 Ways Entrepreneurs Use Virtual Assistants

Your company, your time and your money are worth more when you are able to concentrate on what you do best. Hire a virtual assistant to do the rest. Virtual office assistants work from their own home and have many skills and have knowledge in a variety of technologies. Not only can a virtual assistant relieve you of mundane, everyday tasks, but they can also help you grow your business.

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a virtual assistant is the ability to delegate work to people who have the skills to get it done quickly, can do the work you don’t know how to do, don’t have time to do, or just don’t want to do. Another amazing attribute of hiring a virtual assistant is they only clock-in and work when you need them and they use their own resources. In other words, you and your company save a lot of money because virtual assistants are independent contractors. Since they are independent contractors, there is no need to pay employee taxes, healthcare, or equipment. It’s a win/win for your company and you!

Top 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Use Virtual Assistants

  1. Do you need to confirm appointments for the week? Your VA calls/emails about the appointments and notes who is confirmed and who must be rescheduled. Then your VA will update your calendar online, if you’re using a mutually accessible calendar program.
  1. Has the whole invoicing process got you down? It’s not a problem when you have a VA in your pocket. By purchasing a software program that installs a desktop electronic billing system on the VA’s computer, billing can be done off-site. There are also many online invoicing software programs. Just simply email your VA the information and invoicing/billing is complete. Having problems with getting paid? Your VA can send reminders and follow up with past due invoices so you get paid.
  1. Do you need important data entered into a spreadsheet and keep it updated? Just send the information in a PDF format and your VA can put it in a spreadsheet for you. When you need more added to the spreadsheet you can send it to your VA and they can keep up with inputting the new data and keeping the information updated for you.
  1. Do you need a brochure, business card or flyer for your business but don’t know how to go about creating your own? Simply contact your VA and they can design, type, and print your advertising material using your own artwork or stock art. Your VA can also make the materials ready to print by a professional print shop and simply email the file to the shop for printing.
  1. Do you have a blog, but don’t have the time to update entries regularly? Send your ideas, thoughts, or links to your VA via email, and let them do the leg-work of updating for you.
  1. Do you need something transcribed (i.e., conference call, teleclass, etc.)? Email the file to your VA and they will transcribe the file for you and email it back to you.
  1. Do you dictate letters, reports, notes or memos on a cassette tape? Just mail it to your VA via overnight delivery. Your VA will then transcribe the tape, print the letters on your stationery and mail them the following day. Or, send your VA an MP3 file of your recording. They will transcribe the audio and email the completed transcript back to you.
  1. Can’t keep up with the volume of email you are getting and are missing important messages? Set up a general email account or give access to your email to your VA. Your VA then retrieves all email, sorts them into folders, responds to routine requests with an agreed upon response from you, and then forwards items of importance to you at your personal email account or marks the items as important in your email for you to read.
  1. So you’re going on vacation, and can’t let your customers wait for two weeks. No biggie, your VA answers the phone and email and responds to customers. The only time you need to be notified is when it’s an urgent call, if you want ;).
  1. Want to start a newsletter, or update your current newsletters? Your VA can create a template in the software you are using. Then send the content and images you want to use via email. The VA will then put it all together for you, edit, and send out to your audience. (A little tip, you can also use your newsletter on all your social platforms, which your VA can set up.)

Virtual assistants are such a great addition and benefit to all who use them and they are here to stay. The above ways show just a few examples of how virtual assistants work well for most small businesses and solopreneurs. Over the next couple of years you can expect your conversations with regards to virtual assistants to go from What is a virtual assistant and What does a virtual assistant do? To that of Who provides your virtual assistant services?

Implementing the use of a virtual assistant is a low-cost, low-risk undertaking. What’s more, coupling the use of a virtual assistant (or several virtual assistants) with your already up-and-coming business can catapult your income and success to the next level and beyond.

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